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Did you know a family that owns assets also has the means to survive economic hardship today and provide security for tomorrow? By investing in single moms, WANDA multiplies the effect of its program by improving the happiness, security, and success of not just single moms, but of their children.
Since WANDA’s founding in 2007:
200+ WANDA participants have saved and invested approximately $850,000
WANDA participants have invested in homes, college educations, retirement savings, and new businesses
Participants have increased their annual incomes by an average of $14,000 and have boosted their credit scores by 100 points… after just one year in the program
The retention rate in the three-year program is 87%. Participants report higher levels of personal confidence and financial stability
What we have learned most of all, is that WANDA graduates learn to invest in themselves and wish to pass along what they’ve learned and earned to their children. Indeed, more than 65% of the children of participants have started their own savings accounts.
“I came into WANDA wanting to help my kids, but I realized through the program that I had to invest in myself. I used my savings for my own education. I am proud to say I am a second year nursing student and will graduate next May. I am excited for my future and for my kids’ futures.” Daisy Salmeron

2012 WANDA graduate

Success Stories

WANDA Mom – Profile of Success – Elisha St. Laurent

Congratulation Elisha St. Laurent, class of 2018! “My story is one filled with many hurdles, but victory has always been my goal”... I joined WANDA cohort 8 in 2015. My story is one filled with many hurdles, but victory has always been my goal. I had my son at 16...

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Susana Jimenez: Tenacity and resourcefulness pays off

Congratulations to Susana and her family! This summer Susana’s offer on a house in Bay Point was accepted, her WANDA matching funds were wired to the lender, and she closed on her home in late August. She’ll move into her new home with her two sons in October....

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WANDA Mom Profile – Jessenia Solorio

WANDA Mom Profile - Jessenia Solorio After talking to Jessenia Solorio for a few minutes you quickly realize that she is an excellent example of someone who has grit - the term that describes the quality of perseverance in the face of challenge. As a child, she...

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WANDA Mom Honored at UCSF Graduation

Our wonderful WANDA mom, Lucia Alvarez, shared exciting news with us about her journey at San Francisco State University. As a graduating senior, she has been selected to receive the College Hood. Congratulations Lucia! Message from Lucia: "Thanks WANDA for being...

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WANDA Mom, Noelia Corzo, on Cover of Time Magazine

A record number of women are now running for public office. We are honored to share that Noelia Corzo, WANDA mom and graduate of the WANDA program for single moms, was one of the 48 women featured on the cover of the January 29, 2018 issue of TIME magazine, for an...

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WANDA Mom Buys Home with WANDA Matched Savings!

Megan Cullen is about to accomplish something that many WANDA moms dream of - using her WANDA matched savings funds toward the purchase of a home. This month she will close escrow on a house in Redwood City. At last she will be able to provide a tangible “safe...

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WANDA Mom Runs for San Mateo – Foster City Schoolboard

We are proud of our WANDA Mom, Noelia Corzo, who is running for San Mateo - Foster City School Board. The vote will be held in San Mateo County on Nov 7th, 2017. View the impressive list of Noelia's endorsements on her website. You can also donate to her campaign....

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