Achieve your full potential with WANDA

WANDA provides low income single moms with a curriculum focused on financial literacy, career advancement and life skills, plus an asset-building matched savings program.

Continue reading below to find out if WANDA is right for you. 

When you join WANDA, you:
Learn to set personal goals, boost your financial literacy, advance your career, and sharpen key life skills
Graduate from WANDA with up to $6000 to invest in education, retirement or home ownership
Belong to a supportive community of achievement-minded women with similar challenges and goals
Access WANDA’s large network of peers, mentors and partner organizations
Pass along to your children the knowledge and skills you acquire

How does it work?

The WANDA program last three years. During the first year, WANDA moms participate in classes once a month. Each participant opens a savings account when she joins and makes regular monthly deposits until she reaches $2000, or until the end of the three year period. WANDA matches these savings 2:1; a mom who saves $2000 can earn up to $4000 in matching funds. This money is then invested in an asset, such as a home, education or retirement savings.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply to WANDA, you must fit these criteria:

  • Complete your application and submit supporting documentation
  • Live, work or attend school in San Mateo County or Santa Clara County
  • Unmarried
  • File as head of household on your income tax return
  • Have at least one dependent 18 years or younger
  • Employed full or part-time, self-employment income or work study income
  • Personal assets valued below approximately $30,000
  • Have an income that falls within current WANDA income limits, as shown in the table below

We will request supporting documentation to verify your eligibility. We will ask you to submit the following documentation available when you begin your application:

  • Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, student id)
  • Federal tax return (Form 1040) – first 2 pages only
  • Your latest pay stub
  • Full credit report.  ALL pages of the full report please. You can get one free of charge at

Income Eligibility Limits 

Household size
Income limit



Household size
Income limit