Noelia Corzo WANDA mom

A record number of women are now running for public office. We are honored to share that Noelia Corzo, WANDA mom and graduate of the WANDA program for single moms, was one of the 48 women featured on the cover of the January 29, 2018 issue of TIME magazine, for an article titled “The Avengers.” Read the quote from Noelia below:

The timing of this publication couldn’t have been more perfect as I’ve spent a lot of time recently reflecting on how to combine my innate activist spirit with my new role as an elected official. The truth of the matter is that no matter how we choose to step up in this moment in our country, we must prioritize honoring our past (Thank you, Dr. King!), our present (Thank you, Avengers!), and our children, to whom the future belongs.

Your continued engagement in local, state, and national issues is essential. Together we will continue to build a better future for the children of San Mateo and Foster City public schools. Please stay in touch and know that I am always happy to hear from you..

WANDA mom on cover of Time Magazine

You can contact Noelia on her Facebook page. Learn more about joining the WANDA program here.