WANDA is so excited to announce that it has launched the “Advanced Curriculum” for WANDA Moms who have completed their first year of WANDA. The goal is to take the Moms to the next level in terms of their skills and achievement.

The first class of 15 WANDA Moms have committed to attend 4 workshops over the next year that include Advanced Financial Planning, Advanced Goal Setting, Advanced Career Planning and Success Values. We will monitor the progress of participants to fine-tune this program to enable the Moms to better reach their goals for success.

We are extremely proud of the Team that has developed and will be implementing this program: Barbara Tyler, Corinne Augustine (Co-Chair of Programs Committee), Helen Lin-Murphy, Dr. Lizz Vilardo, Colleen Hallinan, Jonake Bose, and Glowe Chang (Co-Chair of Programs Committee).