It has been a tradition for WANDA to begin our newsletter with a success story about one of our amazing moms and we have included it in this current Spring edition, but want to first ask for your help during these difficult times. 

Covid 19 is having an unprecedented effect on society and we are just beginning to witness the impact it will have on our economic livelihoods. This is especially challenging for nonprofit organizations as well as our constituents, in the case of WANDA – single moms already struggling to improve their economic mobility. During this time as you continue to help those with urgent needs, we ask you to please also consider supporting our WANDA moms

We are asking our supporters to continue to give and if possible, to give early so that we can move quickly, stay ahead and remain a leader in building economic security for our most vulnerable (and most resilient!) clients. If you are not a Leadership Circle member, please join us! If you are a Leadership Circle member, consider giving early this year or increasing your level of support. 

We are staying in touch with our moms, providing them help with finding support through referrals and resource lists, and continuing to work with them as best we can during these difficult times. WANDA is taking the following specific actions: 

  • We are pausing the monthly match requirement for the next 3 months so that our moms have access to emergency cash
  • We will extend our match timeline requirement so moms in the program have a longer runway to achieve their goal
  • We are working with our partners to extend launch of their WANDA cohorts and will provide additional tools and support
  • We are seeking additional philanthropic support so that we can develop eLearning tools to support partners and clients in the long-term
  • We hope to fast track our Mobile App so that we can bolster our network, resources and interpersonal connections

WANDA is an alliance! We need supporters like you so that we can be flexible and continue to meet the needs of our clients in the most relevant way. More than ever, our moms will need to regain their economic footing and remain connected after this difficult period. More than ever, we need to strengthen our partnerships and build a cohesive strategy with multiple layers of support. More than ever, we need to initiate innovation and tools so that we continue to have an impact. We will keep you, our invaluable supporters, up to date on our moms as we work with them through these challenging times.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you!