Some of the impressive highlights of the program evaluation study:

  • WANDA Moms reported significant increases in successful goal setting once engaged in the WANDA program.
  • Alumnae moms reported significant increases in income, up to 150% higher than before and during the program.
  • Moms in the WANDA program and Alumnae reported talking with their children about saving, budgeting, school, and future education more than single mothers applying to the program.

Dr. Sheila Henderson spearheaded the research and evaluation of the WANDA moms and the WANDA program. Working with the WANDA Program Evaluation Committee, they defined competencies, behavioral in nature, capable of guiding development of a new survey instrument. These competencies and the companion survey tool made it possible to generate data, at a behavioral level, aligned with the WANDA’s strategic mission, vision, values, objectives, and goals. The competencies outline specific behavioral expectation in: financial literacy, career building, and life management.