WANDA recently celebrated the graduation of our program participants in collaboration with the LEMO Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing equal opportunities for all student-athletes within Silicon Valley communities through sports, technology, and philosophy. This partnership is more than a mere alignment of missions – it pays tribute to a shared source of inspiration: single mothers who exemplify unwavering love and devotion to their families. 

LEMO envisions a world where every student-athlete can compete at the highest level, equipped with resources to nurture their personal and professional growth. They recognize the individuality of each student-athlete’s journey and emphasize the importance of tailoring a unique blueprint for success. This mindset instills in their student-athletes the understanding that their path contributes to a broader narrative, one where assisting others in achieving their dreams is intrinsic to realizing their own. The name “LEMO” derives from “Liahona Motu,” which translates to “Rock & Compass.” The rock symbolizes security and confidence, while the compass serves as a guiding light for student-athletes on their quest for self-discovery.

Betty Taufoou, a single mother whose love, passion, and dedication to her children, T and Trina, served as the inspiration behind the LEMO Foundation. Despite facing numerous challenges, Betty’s steadfast commitment to education created a better life for her children. Inspired by his mother, T and his wife, Ali, established the LEMO Foundation to honor her legacy and, in 2008, transformed their humble two-bedroom apartment into an academic resource center that provided shelter for young athletes in need and crafted makeshift workout facilities on the surrounding hills. LEMO has since grown to a 45,000 square foot campus supporting elite sports training, entrepreneurial curriculum, nutritious meals, life skills workshops, academic support, and internship opportunities.

The WANDA-LEMO partnership signifies more than just celebrating programmatic achievements; it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of single mothers like Betty Taufoou. It resonates with our collective organizational missions and serves as a potent reminder that even modest beginnings can lead to extraordinary outcomes when fueled by unwavering commitment and dedication.