Project Sentinel is a non-profit organization. Their primary function is to assist individuals with housing issues. Project Sentinel offers education by HUD-certified counselors for first time homebuyers in both a workshop and a 1:1 setting. When you successfully complete the one day workshop, you’ll receive a certification which may make you eligible for specific government programs and loans discounts. Find more information about the Project Sentinel workshops and pre-registration requirements here.

Our non-profit program, WANDA Silicon Valley, is a non-profit program for single moms in Silicon Valley. We enable struggling single mothers in our community to move up the economic ladder through financial and career management training and matched savings. WANDA moms have purchased homes in Silicon Valley using their WANDA matched savings. SEE ONE OF OUR SUCCESS STORIES : WANDA SINGLE MOM BUYS HOME. Learn more about our program here.

The Project Sentinel class schedule is:

First Time Home Buyer Classes

Are you a single mom who wants to start saving for a home? You can apply for the WANDA Silicon Valley program here.