I initially discovered WANDA through a dear friend who had been part of the program many years ago. This friend, also a single mother and my closest confidante, spoke glowingly of WANDA’s support and resources. Witnessing the positive changes in her life sparked my interest in joining WANDA. I desired to be part of the program, believing it could equip me with the tools and community support necessary to enhance my financial situation and overall well-being as a single mother.

Before joining WANDA, my circumstances were daunting. A divorce and job changes had left me struggling to save money, leading to a period of financial instability and uncertainty. Determined to turn things around, I sought the transformative experience that WANDA promised.

Being part of WANDA has indeed been transformative. I discovered that with self-belief and a commitment to discipline and perseverance, I can achieve anything. WANDA instilled in me the importance of budgeting, establishing a savings plan, and making regular deposits into my savings account. I ingrained a focus on my goal—to reach a savings target of $2,000 within a year to take advantage of the matching program. Scheduling all the program’s classes at the outset of my journey ensured I didn’t miss any, fostering dedication and organization that kept me on track.

No single piece of information or lesson stood out in the program; each nugget of wisdom from WANDA played a crucial role in improving my financial literacy and realizing my goals. My WANDA experience significantly shapes how I educate my children about money. I’ve opened savings accounts for them, imparting the importance of saving and financial responsibility. WANDA has also transformed my perspective on money, now viewed as a tool for achieving goals and providing stability for my family.

If advising a prospective WANDA applicant, I’d underscore that WANDA’s main allure lies in the incredible support system it provides for single mothers. Packed with invaluable resources, the program, when utilized, can make a substantial difference. For single mothers, burdened with overwhelming responsibilities, WANDA extends a helping hand, connecting them with shared knowledge and support from others who have walked a similar path.

Currently, professionally, I’m in a much better place. I’ve secured a job where I feel valued, confident, and happy. My ongoing goals involve continuous learning and personal and professional growth, with a focus on providing a stable and secure future for my family. My experience with WANDA has armed me with the tools and mindset to pursue these goals with confidence and determination. I am eternally thankful and indebted to WANDA!