Surrounded by incredible women and inspired by their empowering words, Fátima found the motivation to persevere. “I just wanted to take the time to thank the WANDA team and let you know how much you have drastically changed my life,” she shared. “When I first started the program, I was freshly out of a divorce, trying to figure everything out. WANDA helped me with figuring out my finances and how to make things better in life. Having such wonderful women around me and their empowering words gave me the motivation to carry on.”

Fátima recently graduated as a member of Cohort 13, our pandemic and first virtual cohort. “I am now making a change by changing other women’s lives in the community,” she shared. “I am currently working at SEIU USWW as a union rep, but before then, I was working at an egg ranch as a manager. WANDA definitely showed me that I could reach new levels in life as long as I was dedicated to it.”

Thank YOU, Fátima. You will carry on as an inspiration for your family and many others in our WANDA community.