Corinna Chan’s journey with WANDA has been one of perseverance and transformation.

Originally a member of cohort 13, financial difficulties made it impossible for Corinna to save for several months, forcing her to drop out of the program. However, she refused to let her dreams of financial stability and security slip away. She reapplied for cohort 14 and was determined to make it work.

Through hard work and dedication, Corinna reached her $2,000 savings goal in just 18 months, and she invested her savings and matching funds in a Roth IRA. Her time with WANDA proved to be invaluable, transforming her financial situation and her mindset.

Prior to joining WANDA, Corinna was simply working to make ends meet, with no plan for her future, finances, or retirement. However, through the program’s education and support, she gained the knowledge and skills to confidently plan for her future and evaluate her assets. She learned to prioritize her well-being, be patient with herself, and take control of her finances. From repairing her credit to creating a budget and acquiring assets like housing and retirement plans, Corinna’s newfound knowledge has changed her life for the better. She even had the opportunity to discuss her daughter’s financial needs and help her develop healthy financial habits.

Corinna is immensely grateful to WANDA for all the resources and support provided during her time in the program. Being part of such a great community of women has truly helped her and her family. 

To all my fellow future WANDA participants, I urge you to take the first step and choose yourself. This program can change and elevate your life, and the WANDA community has a lifetime of knowledge to help you reach your goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to better yourself, your family, and your future. Join WANDA and be part of a community that supports and uplifts you.”